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Diamond Bracelet

In the category of diamond  bracelets, there are elegant bracelets, sleek designed bracelets and tennis bracelets

All bracelets can be manufactured in yellow, white and red gold colors as well as 10, 14 and 18K of gold. You can contact us at info@birgiediamonds.com for any order and inquiry. A pleasant shopping is waiting for you at Birgie Diamonds ...

Diamond Bracelet


In Birgie Diamonds online shop, you can see elegant bracelets, sleeveless bracelets and tennis bracelets and place orders at discounted and affordable prices. All of our diamond bracelets are manufactured in 18K gold. Even if we use general white gold in our bracelets, we also have the facility to make them in yellow and red as per your order. Furthermore, we can make all possible ammendments on bracelets you selected, thanks to being jewelry manufacturer. For instance, you can request some changes to diamonds in a particular mounting or you prefer gemstones instead of diamonds. You can also ask for a specific size of stone.


During ordering process, if applicable, you may request engraving inside bracelets such as date or names. By this process, used laser technology, your bracelets will become a special for you. Additionally, we can transmit a special present according to your wishes along with the bracelet.