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Cleaning And Care of Diamond

Regular cleaning is important to keep your diamond's brilliance. We wish to make a few suggestions about using your diamond jewelry in the best way:

Professional Maintenance: This is the most accurate way. Furthermore, you'd better to get the prongs on the diamond jewelry examined from time to time concerning whether they become loose or not.

Jewelry Cleaning Liquid: You can make your diamond jewelry as brilliant as in your purchasing time by a jewelry cleaning fluids of any brand, following the instructions written on that.

Soft Liquid Detergent: To do this, dip your diamond jewelry into a small container, full of foamed liquid detergent in warm water. Gently scrub the jewelry inside the foam with a soft toothbrush. Rinse your diamond jewelry with warm water and put it on a filter. Then, dry it with tissue paper or similar material like that.

Household Ammonia: Leave your diamond jewelry into a small cup with the mixture of cold water and ammonia for 30 minutes... After removing the jewelry, clean it gently with mild strokes using a soft brush. Rinse once again by dipping your jewelry into the same mixture. Then, dry with tissue paper.

Diamond Jewelry Usage and Care

To enable the use of your jewelry for a lifetime, it must be maintained with upmost care and attention. It is a good idea to take into account the following precautions while using your diamond jewelry:

  • Do not wear your jewelry while you are dealing with rough work.
  • Do not allow your jewelry to come into contact with strong chlorine bleach. This does not damage the diamond, but can cause deterioration of the metal color.
  • Do not store your jewelry in a jewelry box in a mixed way. It is possible to scratch each other.
  • Keep your jewelry individually in a plastic bag or a small pouch by wrapping them with a tissue paper.
  • In order to preserve vitality of precious stones such as pearl and emerald, provide them a venting storing condition as well as do not store them longer than necessary.

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