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Frequently Asked Questions

I do not know the ring size. How can learn it?

Click here to get more information about ring size.

What is the advantage of being a member?

Only our members can take the advantage of special promotions or discounts, available at our online store. In addition, when you became a member, you can earn 5% shopping points from the value of jewelry you purchased at our online shop. You can use those points in your next shopping. Please keep in mind that you can spend your points maximum of 25% in shopping. For instance, you can spend $250 of points maximum in return for $1,000 of shopping.

I forgot my password. How can I login?

If you forget your password, click I forgot my password in the page of Member Login. Enter your e-mail address on the opening page. E-mail address you entered will be controlled by our system and your new password will be sent to your e-mail address.

What is Birgie Diamonds certificate and lifetime warranty?

All products on sale are delivered together with certificate in international standards. The Birgie Diamonds Certificate is awarded by Birgie Diamonds to certify the authenticity and integrity of specific Birgie Diamonds jewelry. Unlike the documentation, received from many entities, the Birgie Diamond Jewelry Certificate is backed up by Birgie's Full Warranty. For details about this Warranty, please click here. The Birgie Diamonds Certificate and Warranty provides reassurance for today and many years from now.

What is the policy of Birgie Diamonds on conflict diamonds?

Conflict diamonds are diamonds mined in certain African combat zones that have fuelled and funded civil war and gross abuses against the civilian population. Such diamonds are estimated to currently account for less than 1% of the world diamond production. As one of the leading online store of diamond jewelry, Birgie Diamonds has a deep commitment to sourcing our materials in an ethical and sustainable manner. We will continue to do our part to ensure that the diamond jewelry we sell at our web-site are certified from legitimate sources. Birgie has a great sense of environmentally and socially responsible practices and we believe that sourcing our precious materials responsibly is of the utmost importance. Birgie has a zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We have taken vigorous steps to assure that conflict diamonds do not enter our inventory.

How do I care for my diamond jewelry?

By time, the beauty and brilliance of diamond jewelry can be affected negatively due to dust and daily wearing... For your convenience, you may send your jewelry to Birgie Diamonds for a complimentary cleaning of your Birgie Diamonds diamond jewelry. Our experts will check the setting for the security of the diamonds. Among professional cleanings, Birgie Diamonds recommends the occasional use of a nonabrasive cleaner for diamond jewelry. A mild solution of six parts water to one part ammonia may be applied with a soft bristle brush. Jewelry with stones other than diamonds may need other care. For more information on caring for diamond jewelry, click here.

Do all taxes include in the prices?

The prices of all the items, displayed at birgiediamonds.com include all national and state taxes and other legal obligations in US.

How can I follow up my orders?

You can follow your orders on my orders page. Furthermore, you will be updated by e-mail about every stage of your order. Also, you can contact customer service for additional assistance.

How do you deliver the order?

Your orders are delivered by FedEx unless otherwise stated. For international deliveries, please contact customer service. Please click for our shipping policy.

Do you charge for shipment?

Your orders within US are shipped free of charge regardless the value of order. However, international shipments, of which amount is less than $500 are subject to a reasonable cost.

Can billing and shipment addresses be different?

If you buy diamond jewelry as a gift and do not want the price to be seen as well, you'd better write billing and delivery addresses different during ordering stage. Depending on your choice, your bill can be nailed to another address you like.

I'd like to return the product. What should I do?

First, we are committed to that return and refund processes will be the fastest manner without having any difficulties. You may return the product you purchase within 30 days if you wish. Please get in contact us by phone or e-mail for a refund procedure. During return procedure, you need to return all documents and other materials delivered along with shipment. You can find detailed information at our return policy page.

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