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Warranty Policy

All products on our website are covered by the warranty of Birgie Diamonds. Products are sold with a diamond jewelry certificate and this certificate is also evidence of the warranty.

We provide 3 years of maintenance warranty for the products you buy from www.birgiediamonds.com. Birgie Diamonds will always be just one step away from you in order to let you keep your diamond jewelry as brilliant as in the first moment of purchasing.

In order to continue the warranty, products purchased should not be damaged, engraved, repaired, re-sized or otherwise altered by a third party outside the body of Birgie Diamonds. Products on which any action is made will be out of warranty.

Breakage, falling stones or discoloration of the jewelry due to an accident or an unknown reason while wearing or storing are also out of warranty. However, those can be repaired with reasonable prices. No additional renovation charges will be applied to the sum since we Wii take the advantages of being manufacturer.

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