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What is Diamond?

The Diamond term is derived from the word “adamas” in the Greek language meaning "unconquerable".

The word of "Carat" in English comes from "carob" (carob seeds), the word used in ancient times as a measure of weight for precious Stones.

Each diamond is so old that even creatures like dinosaurs were not existed yet, in prehistoric periods. The youngest diamond is 900 million years old while the oldest one is 3.2 billion years old.

Diamond is the hardest natural substance known to man. It is 58 times harder than the hardest mineral on earth. Only a diamond can cut another diamond.

During cutting and polishing process, each stone has a loss more than half of the original weight. A portion of less than 5% of diamonds used in a jewelry is only one carat or bigger.

If all diamonds which have been cut from the beginning of time collected, could be had filled only one double-decker bus.

Cullinan diamond which is the biggest diamond from the standpoint of gem characteristics found in 1905 in South Africa. Before cutting, it was the weight of 3,106 carats (about the size of an ostrich egg).

The highest diamond price per carat in the auctions was 1 million dollars and paid for a purplish red colored diamond weighing 0.95 carats.

Tradition of presenting a ring as jewelry was first started by Archduke Maximilian of Austria who has given a diamond engagement ring to Mary, Duchess of Burgundy in the 15th century.

On the other hand, tradition of wearing a ring on the fourth finger of left hand has started in the ancient Egypt with a belief that "Valve Amoris" called as vein of love reaches from this finger directly to the heart.

What Is the Difference Between Diamond and Brilliant?

Briefly, a brilliant is a specially cut diamond, which receives a high brilliance by this cut.

Precious stones are cut in different ways. A special cut among those, which is applied to gemstones, is known as brilliant cut. The brilliant-cut diamonds has three, four and polygonal facets (flat ground and polished surfaces), which are arranged radially around the stone.

The correct name of a particular gemstone (for example, a ruby or diamond), which was cut brilliant-cut, is:

Brilliant-cut ruby

Brilliant-cut diamond

By far, diamonds are the most polished and brilliant-cut. Therefore, it has become brilliant-cut diamonds as diamond in US language by time. We now speak of a diamond, so it always means a polished brilliant-cut diamonds (and no other ground brilliant-cut gemstone).

The term diamond so called the "raw material", and the term Brilliant as related the final product. The two concepts of brilliant and diamond cannot be inscribable as the same, and their use as synonyms often happens, which is, in fact, not correct.

Brilliant is the name of cut style, created by Marcel Tolko sky in 1919. In this cut, light is refracted inside the stone and reflected back, giving an exceptional fire and brilliance. In this brilliant cut, it is possible to obtain many different shapes. However, round cut with 57 cutting surface is the mostly used one. Other cut shapes are called as oval, pear, princess, marquise, octagon, heart, rose and baguette cuts.

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